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POETS Day interview on SoulRadioUK this Saturday

With an audience that peaks at over 3 million a week, DJ Tony Jazz has one of the most popular and mellow programmes on SoulRadioUK every Saturday. This weekend, he will be interspersing the golden tunes with an extended interview with POETS Day author, Mark Brookes and co-star/son Archie.

From 10am to mid-day, you can access SoulRadioUK.com with your PC, laptop, tablet or phone and get the full inside story on the play, Mark, Archie and all-things POETS Day.


If you miss any of Tony’s Saturday live broadcasts then you can hear them again by visiting mixcloud.com and by clicking here.

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Come and see POETS Day from 31st August to 3rd September 2016 at the Compass Theatre in Ickenham.


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