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Koral Neil – Chantelle

Name: Koral Neil
Nickname: Kozza
Role in Poets Day: Chantelle
Favourite Scene: Act 1 Scene 4
Started Acting Aged: 10
Top 3 Roles That You’ve Played: Rebecca in the play, Silent Screams.
Jenny Marshall in feature film, Kaleidoscope Man.
A waitress in feature film, The Journey.
Other Roles/Productions: A teacher in an M&S online advert
Where Were You Born: Chester, UK
Favourite Actors: Kevin Spacey, Emma Stone, Kristen Wiig, Rosario Dawson to name just a few!
Favourite Plays: Dinner by Moira Buffini, Blood Brothers, Les Miserables,
Favourite Films: Moulin Rouge, The Fall, Donnie Darko, Trance, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Crash, The Matrix

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