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August, 2016

  • 7 August

    Everyone’s a winner!

    One lucky radioharrow.org listener has just won 2 free tickets to enjoy POETS Day, premiering at the Compass Theatre, Ickenham in only a few weeks. Last Friday morning DJ Gary Walker chuckled with Barnardo’s Ann Little and POETS Day author Mark Brookes, and Archie Brookes read the quiz. To listen to the show again click …

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  • 1 August

    Free theatre tickets…luvvly jubbly!

    POETS Day actor Archie Brookes broke from rehearsals to give a resounding ‘YES’ to our Barnardo’s quiz, being held this Friday 5th August on radioharrow.org from 8am. Top DJ Gary walker will be chatting with Barnardo’s Ann Little and POETS Day author Mark Brookes about their unique Summer partnership. So log onto radioharrow.org this …

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July, 2016

  • 26 July

    whose gonna listen to ya kid?

    POETS Day is an emotional drama that deals with alcoholism, drug abuse, racism and domestic violence. These are, all too often, adult problems which a child will take the brunt for …but what if that kid is actually your own conscience and wants to talk? Would you listen then? POETS Day is a cautionary tale,  soaked in pub …

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  • 25 July

    Radio Harrow DJ meets ladies of gaga.

    Gary Walker met POETS Day actresses Debbie Ellis and Denise Bone on Saturday morning for a brief chat, however it soon became evident that the chemistry between the three would provide high energy, radio gaga entertainment. Listen again by clicking here, as they chat about our new, highly relatable drama play showing at the Compass Theatre from 31st …

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  • 21 July

    Ladies speak out!

    Our leading ladies Denise Bone and Debbie Ellis will be schmoozing about POETS Day, with Gary Walker on his Radio Harrow show, this coming Saturday at 9am. Listen in by clicking here, as they chat about our new gritty drama showing at the Compass Theatre from 31st August. To buy theatre tickets …

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  • 18 July

    A mass debate over interracial bromance

    POETS Day stars Lee Barnett and Neil Felix chat with Ben Felton, on Radio Harrow, about their unique characters and how a healthy ebony and ivory friendship can turn sour with just a few ill timed words. POETS Day tackles serious domestic issues within the medium of pub humour. Tune in …

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  • 4 July

    Fun radio times for POETS Day

    Madcap POETS Day actors Lee Barnett and Neil Felix are guests of Radio Harrow’s top DJ Ben Felton this coming Friday from 5pm. Tune in and laugh with them as they chat about our new drama showing at the Compass Theatre from 31st August. To buy tickets click here To …

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June, 2016

  • 24 June

    Ex-Militia Borg corpses during shoot!

    POETS Day character Borg is supposed to be an iron faced ex-Soviet militia bodyguard employed to protect Hilary, the drug dealer. See what happens as the pressure mounts whilst filming. POETS Day is a cautionary tale that centres on what can go wrong when a youngster doesn’t have the right support, love or …

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  • 22 June

    POETS Day are surprise guests on radio show.

    POETS Day surprised DJ Tony Jazz’s studio team with fresh coffee and croissant when they dropped in to mews awhile on his Saturday show. You can hear the whole soulradiouk.com interview, with playwright Mark Brookes and actor Neil Felix, on Mixcloud by clicking on the link below. POETS Day is a cautionary tale that centres on …

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  • 20 June


    Set in a London pub, during the Euros of 2008, POETS Day tackles serious issues of drugs, alcohol and domestic violence. It’s due to start at the Compass Theatre, Ickenham, on 31st August 2016 – but is that kick off now under threat? Unfortunately several rehearsals were due to take place in June 2016, but …

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