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All of the latest videos from the POETS Day team

The Boss – Straight talk on birds and booze

Enter our chief protagonist. Lee is a horrible excuse for a man, who constantly tries to drown out the worst anniversary of his life with an endless stream of booze, drugs and exotic dancers. When the drugs don’t work, he’s not scared to use his fists. He can’t handle emotions. …

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Celebrate POETS Day – Across the Globe!

While POETS Day by Mark Brookes will begin earning money for charity on 31st August at the Compass Theatre in Ickenham – UNESCO also has a Poets Day of its own. This international celebration of the written and spoken word started in 1999 and will be celebrated on Monday 21st …

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Chantelle begins her shift

Chantelle isn’t the first stripper that Lee will seek solace with, but she may well be the last. This young mother is doing what she has to do, in order to survive and provide for her family. Until Lee comes along. POETS Day is a uniquely creative play, set in …

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Poets Day Preview

Can a combination of binge drinking, drugs and exotic dancers take your mind away from the worst nightmare of your life? Poets Day will explore this dark theme at the Compass Theatre, Ickenham from 31st August to 3rd September. This amazing and engaging play by Mark Brookes is a must …

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