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Bright future ahead for new Star.

Child actor ARCHIE BROOKES dons his shades, keeping a cool eye on the dazzle that is Show Business. But that’s Archie all over; level headed and professional in all his theatrical duties. A safe pair of hands to have in the POETS Day cast. More stories over on Facebook and don’t forget to follow us on …

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BAFTA show winner leads POETS Day cast!

Lee Barnett, acclaimed actor from BAFTA award winning children’s TV show The Slammer returns to live theatre. Lee, comedy stalwart on the Dick and Dom shows, now gives us a glimpse of his acting diversity by playing (Lee) a middle-aged drunken bully in the adult drama POETS Day at The Compass Theatre, Ickenham from August 2016. …

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Builder writes Booze Drama for Son.

Builder pens his son a no-nonsense play about the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse. Electrician Mark Brookes first wrote this original drama, POETS Day, as a short story to give his teenage son, Archie, some fatherly advice regarding alcohol and drug abuse. However, due to it’s gritty and emotional content, several TV & film actors have …

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Chemist makes illegal drug profits

Introducing Hilary our harsh septuagenarian drug dealer played by actress Caroline Bronne-Shanbury.     Our storyline tells of Hilary, an old Bushey chemist, who accepts an offer from the criminal underworld to sell illegal drugs after her business suffers during the recession. Caroline is having great fun developing Hilary as her warm nature is in total contrast to her character’s arctic persona. We’re …

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