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Ian Collyer – Borg

Name: Ian Collyer Nickname: Not known – it must be used behind my back! At school it was (obviously) ‘Cauliflower’. Role in Poets Day: Borg Favourite Scene: The curtain call (in any show): if the show’s gone well, then the audience reaction is great; if it hasn’t, then there’s only …

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Sanmi Oguntunde – Desi

Name: Oluwasanmi Oguntunde Nickname: Sanmi Role in Poets Day: Desi Favourite Scene: Act 2 Scene 3 Started Acting Aged: 10 Top 3 Roles That You’ve Played: “Oil” from Remote “Agamemnon” from Hecuba “Willie” from Ghosts Other Roles/Productions: Watford Palace Youth Theatre, May 2016 Channel US Dancer, Nov 2015 Butterfly Kisses …

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