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Calling hungry ACTORS…only four roles left !!!

Let POETS Day,  a brand new play, help you ascend to the top of the acting food chain.

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BEN (116 lines);   an early twenties Hispanic lad

DESI (7 lines);   Michael’s black son in his late teens

2ND STRIPPER (12 lines);   a large, white, tough stripper (no nudity)

BORG (1 line);    a seventy year old, ex-militia, drug dealer’s bodyguard

Rehearsals begin at the Harrow Arts Centre, Hatch End on 3rd May (Tues & Thurs eves) with show dates 31st August-3rd September.

All net profits from these performances will be donated to a local charity.

This piece will enable new actors to learn with professionals and greatly enhance their profile due to POETS Day‘s rapidly expanding popularity.

For audition info:       mark@poetsday.org.uk   or   07860 645579



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