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Ben Felton – Ben

Name: Ben Felton
Nickname: That tall guy over there
Role in Poets Day: Ben
Favourite Scene: Act 1- Scene 2
Started Acting Aged:
Top 3 Roles That You’ve Played: Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast
Robby in the ‘You don’t walk alone’ music video for The Wish Centre
Azdak in The Caucasian Chalk Circle (exam)
Other Roles/Productions: Roger in Grease

Sammy in The Wedding Singer

( Range of performances for GCSE and A-level)



Where Were You Born: Watford General
Favourite Actors: Wnere do I start?  Bryan Cranston, Robin Williams, Steve Coogan, Sarah Lancashire, Sheridan Smith,



Favourite Plays: How can you have a favourite? I think there’s a lot of depth in ‘A Dolls House’ by Henrik Ibsen and that’s definitely up there. After studying in detail, contemporary works such as Sarah Kane’s ‘4.48 Psychosis’ are really inspiring seeing how it breaks many traditional theatre convention. There’s a good chance I’ve missed a load more though from here, so don’t hold me to it.


Favourite Films: It’s one of those questions I get aaked all the time and can never answer. How do you choose!?


  • I’m studying A-levels at 6th form and wanting to go into either acting or presenting.
  • Trying to get as much experience as possible
  • Member of Radio Harrow where I host a weekly show from 5-7 on a Friday called ‘Freedom Friday’




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