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AUDITION CALL FOR ACTORS! (please ‘like & share’)

The Endeavour Players are now recruiting talented amateur actors for POETS Day,  ( http://poetsday.org.uk/ ). We have seven outstanding characters open;

MICHAEL (309 lines);    a strong, intelligent, middle-aged black builder (integral role)

BEN (116 lines);   an early twenties Hispanic lad

DESI (7 lines);   Michael’s black son in his late teens

COLE (55 lines);     a ‘bar fly’,  white Irishman, seventy years old

2ND STRIPPER (12 lines);   a large, white, tough stripper (no nudity)

LADIS (2 lines);   a Croatian labourer

BORG (1 line);    a seventy year old, ex-militia, drug dealer’s bodyguard

Rehearsals begin at the Harrow Arts Centre, Hatch End on 3rd May (Tues & Thurs eves) with show dates 31st August-3rd September.

All net profits from these performances will be donated to a local children’s charity.

This piece will enable new actors to learn with professionals and greatly enhance their profile due to POETS Day’s rapidly expanding popularity.

Interested parties please contact Mark Brookes through mark@poetsday.org.uk or call 07860 645579.




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